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  • I work with men all over the world both online and over the phone. 

  • I have been in practice for over ten years as a licensed mental health professional in Oregon — I am not a mental health professional anywhere other than the State of Oregon. 

  • I offer online men's groups that work. If you don't have the option of a local men's group -- this is a terrific option. 

  • I work 1:1 with men over the phone and get great results. Many of my clients travel frequently or live far from Portland. No problem, the phone works great. 

  • The cost of group membership is $150 each month. Before meeting with the group, new members and I meet 2-3 times individually for an on-boarding process. The cost of each of those sessions is $150. After the initial meetings, men can decide if they want to continue working individually for some time or of they want to join the group. The individual meetings are 55 minutes in duration.

  • Individual sessions are 55min in duration and cost $150. 

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