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  • The group is closed format meeting members join and are there regularly. There are not folks you don’t know popping in and out of meetings. 

  • About every week you’ll get some kind of article or challenge to work on something from me. Members can choose to work the challenge or do other work of their own choosing. The best way to get the most out of your time in group is to intentionally experiment with changing behaviors and bringing the results back to groups to debrief. 

  • I have been in practice for over ten years as a licensed mental health professional in Oregon — I am not a mental health professional anywhere other than the State of Oregon. 

  • I am a certified No More Mr. Nice Guy coach in Washington.

  • I am a recovering Nice Guy myself and draw from my own experience to help my clients develop and get the most out of our work together. 

  • The group experience I provide is action oriented. If you’ve been in therapy or counseling where you process and talk week after week you’ll find working in my groups to be a bit different. While there is some processing and getting to know your story, there will be a heavy emphasis on learning new behavior and working on specific actions that can manifest change in your life. 

  • The cost of group membership is $200 each month. Before meeting with the group, new members and I meet once individually for an on-boarding session. The cost of each of those sessions is $150. 

  • Seattle groups meet Monday evening at 6:30pm. The office is in Eastlake.

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