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Steve Sutton, LCSW







Steve has been in practice for over ten years as a licensed mental health professional. He works with couples as well as men both individually and in groups. 


Clients who have great results with Steve are bright, eager for change, and willing to work hard. The men he works with (many of whom identify as Nice Guys) share some common traits that he is well prepared to assist them in overcoming:

  • They seek other people’s approval and avoid their disapproval;

  • They work hard to manage other people’s perceptions of them which often means hiding who they are and focusing only on other people;

  • They may be very isolated socially and find it difficult to make new friends;

  • They do caring things for others with the hope or expectation that other’s do so in return (giving to get). They feel resentful and hurt when this plan doesn’t work out but they rarely speak directly about how they feel.

  • They may feel dissatisfied with their sex life and feel trapped as though there is no way to address it;

  • They may be in a relationship that lacks emotional intimacy or feel lonely even around other people.

If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone (the one that’s been keeping you stuck), identify projects in your life that you want to work on, and get to work experimenting with how you can approach them differently he is the guy for you!

If you’re a couple that is willing to stretch into honesty and openness with each other – if you can tolerate discomfort in order to explore the potential of your relationship, He is the guy for you!

The therapy he provides is action oriented. What you work on and how you work will always be your choice but if you work with him you’ll be challenged to experiment with concepts, tools, and practices that have been effective for other people struggling with issues just like yours. If you want to experience something different, you have to do something different.


Steve can help you learn what works for you.

He does not bill insurance, his practice is all private payment.

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