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Are you ready to become the person who no longer struggles to make decisions and

takes control of your time?

Imagine if....

  • You Had a Personal Road Map  Unpack the mechanics of procrastination and help you own the process — the way procrastination works in your life. 
  • You Could Gain New Perspectives  Find out the role procrastination plays in your life.
  • You Had A Simple Language  Develop a language to simplify the processes for improvement.
  • You Could Grow out of Old Patterns  Learn concrete ways of growing out of old patterns and how to guard against putting off implementing those plans!
  • You Had Group Support  Learn as part of a group — increasing accountability and connection with other people who struggle with the same issues you do


What past participants said about the course...

"How many courses have I gone through and done nothing? I’ve spent thousands of dollars on those kinds of experiences, this was different. It was different because it’s the answer to why I didn’t do anything on those other courses!" -JM

“The course allowed me to create a practice and demonstrate that it is possible for me to behave differently. I experienced the change that I want to make happen through the process of the course. That’s extremely valuable.” - BW

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