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Growing Out Of Procrastination Course

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q: What does Growing Out of Procrastination mean?

A: At BMP, we know you're always growing in one way or another. We work on a simple model that gets results: Be clear and honest about the nature of things, embrace powerful ideas for improvement, identify ways of practicing those ideas, and teach yourself to be specific about when and how that practice is going to take place. When we run this cycle, or project framework, we grow in a way we intend. Most people who are interested in this course want to learn how to procrastinate less and have procrastination impact their lives less. We've designed a framework to help you grow away from old habits that aren't working for you anymore, and to teach yourself how to powerfully manifest more of the things you want. 


Q: When does the course begin? 

A: Sign up for our mailing list to hear about new course offerings!

Q: What is the length of the course?

A: The course will last 4 consecutive weeks. 

Q: What will I need to join the meeting?

A: You'll need a computer with internet access and a camera as well as a reliable phone connection. While the video for the meetings will take place over the internet, the audio is phone based. We've found that if we require participants to join audio by phone, then even when their internet connection becomes unreliable, they can continue following the meeting via audio over their phone connection. 

Q: What is the cost and how do I sign up?

A: $300 for the full four weeks, two professionally facilitated meetings, reading assignments, and work assignments throughout the month. You'll also get audio content from Steve throughout the course.   

Q: What is an e-course?

A: It's an awesome way to learn powerful ways of changing your life. In this e-course, you receive access to online learning materials, participate in group meetings with people who are working through some of the same challenges you are, and read some entertaining and helpful material. At the end of the course, you'll have gamed insight into how procrastination works in your life and what you can do to change your relationship with it. 


Q: What are the requirements of the course if I sign up?

A: You'll be assigned some reading. Don't worry it brief and a lot of fun. You'll also be assigned some questions to work on between meetings and reading assignments. The questions and the way you process them will be important to work through. The more you put into processing them, the more you'll likely get out of the course. You'll also be asked to attend two group meetings online. You may elect to tune in and listen, or you may wish to participate more actively. Again, the more you put in the more you'll likely benefit. 


Q: What if I can't make the group meeting times? 

A: The meetings will be recorded and posted for you to watch when you have time. 

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