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Steven Sutton, LCSW

Who Are We?

If you are like most of Better Man coaching clients, you want to thrive in your relationships.  You want to experience more of what you want in life. Our clients are seekers -- they want to learn how to get unstuck, to find inner peace, and how to create thriving relationships. If you're ready to make something better in your life, you're in the right place.

Eddie, age 41

“Working with Steve has made all the difference for me. I wish I had started sooner! ”

Carol & John

We were headed for divorce and had a bad experience in couples counseling before we found Steve. Now we feel like we have tools to improve our relationship. We're more at ease with each other than we had been in years. Even when things get tough we know we have tools for dealing with it.

Matt, age 30

My weekly men's group is awesome. I look forward to the meeting every week. I've never had a group of guys that I could talk to about my life. The work we do in group is critical for me to maintain the life I want.

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