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  • Steve works with men all over the world both online and over the phone learn how to create better relationships and better communication. 

  • Steve has been in practice for over ten years as a licensed mental health professional in Oregon — He is not a mental health professional anywhere other than the State of Oregon. 

  • Steve offers online men's groups that work. If you don't have the option of a local men's group -- this is a terrific option. 

  • Steve works 1:1 with clients over the phone and gets great results. Many of our clients travel frequently or live far outside of Portland which is no problem, telehealth works great. 

  • Men's groups outside the Portland area meet online. The cost of group membership is $300 each month.

  • Before meeting with the group, new members meet with Steve 2-3 times individually for an on-boarding process. The cost of each of those sessions is $150. After the initial meetings, men can decide if they want to continue working individually for some time or if they want to join the group.

  • The online group meetings are on Sundays at 1:30 p.m. PST for 85 minutes.

  • Individual sessions are 55min in duration and cost $200. 

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